Before Her

May 3, 2010 at 4:49 pm (Poezii) (, , , , , , , )

There was heaven before her,
But she brought it down on earth,
Lightning it like a fire in the hearth.
There were stars before her,
But she makes them multiply,
Every time she smiles she puts a star up in the sky.
There was a flicker before her,
Now is light.
So strong that it could pierce the darkest night.
There was sunset before her,
Now is just the beginning of a dream.
There were wandering twinkles before her,
That now become a sun beam.

There were eyes before her,
But hers are like two drops of morning dew.
There were lips before her,
But hers are as soft as silk and with a gorgeous line between,
Even the words after they get out, they want back in.
There was hair before her
But hers is like a tender touch, black as a pagan soul
And shiny like the eyes of an owl.

There were tears before her,
But now they are the source of a river to happiness.
There were dreams before her,
Now they all seem so close to achive, so real,
You find yourself awake when you stratch your hands to touch something, to feel.
There was life before her,
But she makes it pass slowly,
That in the end you feel like you lived an eternity.
There were memories before her,
But the ones she leaves cannot be forgotten,
Is enough to think of her and they will come all of a sudden.


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